Participant Medical and Allergy Form

Please complete this form thoroughly.  This information will be used to ensure you have appropriate Medical treatment and Food Service options available to you at the Games.  Note that we cannot accommodate requests for special meals based on food preferences.  If you have allergies or medical conditions or require special meals for religious or other reasons, please let us know.

NOTE: It is each participant's responsibility to ensure accurate information is provided on this form and to ensure and that other measures are taken to make this information accessible to those who need it (i.e. keep a copy of this information with you, provide a copy to your coach, wear a Medic Alert or other ID -, etc.)

When you have entered all necessary information, select the SUBMIT FORM button at the bottom of the form.  If you provide a valid email address when completing this form, you will receive an email with the details of your submission.

A medical table will be set up at the Participant Accreditation Centre.  If you have any questions or concerns about medical coverage at the Games, please discuss these with the Medical Services Directorate volunteer upon your arrival at the Games.

It is the responsibility of each participant to inform the Games of any medical conditions and/or allergies that may impact his/her involvement in the BC Games.

NOTE: This form must be completed by February 12.  The form cannot be completed at the Games.

Note that breakfasts and dinners will be served buffet-style with
a wide variety of foods available so individuals will be
responsible for their own food choices.  Lunches are served as
boxed lunches.  For those with food allergies or dietary
restrictions who cannot be accommodated within the prepared
menu, special plates will be prepared for dinners and breakfast
and special boxed lunches will be prepared and will be labeled
with your name.

The intent of this section is to ensure participants who are
vegetarians or have special needs for health or medical reasons
are provided with meals according to those conditions/choices. 

 We will not be able to accommodate likes and dislikes for
certain types of food.

By participating in the 2018 BC Winter Games you and your parent
or guardian are consenting to medical
treatment, should this be necessary.

Regarding food contents, the BC Games Society and the Kamloops 2018 BC
Winter Games Society
cannot guarantee that any products served will be
or will not be free of any specific ingredient. We will
be able to identify what is
not added, or to our knowledge, that the items may not contain certain
ingredients but cannot absolutely confirm what the products could have
been in contact with or manufactured with or packaged with, thus carrying
trace elements beyond our knowledge.

With that said, we cannot guarantee that an item will be
100% free of elements a participant may have an allergy to.

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