Board of Directors

The Prince George 2022 BC Summer Games Society is led by a Board of Directors with a vast amount of experience, both volunteer and professional.  They are community advocates, supporters, builders, and champions. Together they committed to lead 70+ Chairs and as many as 3,000 volunteers to plan and stage the Games Juy 21-24, 2022. This group of volunteers will undertake to host athletes from across the province in a celebration of friendly, healthy competition.

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The members of the Board are listed below.

President   Renee McCloskey
Vice President   Selen Alpay
Director of Access Control   Craig Douglass
Director of Accommodation   Kap Manhas
Director of Administration   Les Waldie
Director of Ceremonies & Special Events     Tammy Hoefer
Director of Food Services   Erik Vliegenthart
Director of Friends of the Games   Mindy Stroet
Director of Logistics   Lisa Davison
Director of Marketing   Alyson Gourley-Cramer
Directors of Medical Services   Melissa Dymond
Mike Smith
Director of Participant & Volunteer Services   Tracey James
Director of Protocol   Colin Carson
Directors of Sport   Mandi Graham
Loralyn Murdoch
Director of Technology   Lynda Pattie
Directors of Transportation   Gordon Duke


Supporting the Board are Liaisons from the City of Prince George (Jennifer Rubadeau) and School District 57 (Kap Manhas).