Games Accommodation
All Games participants under the age of 19 must stay in Games accommodation. 

All Games accommodation sites are security controlled 24-hours per day for the protection of all Games participants. 

Accommodation sites are not listed in public documents.
  • Only registered participants are permitted access to Games accommodation sites
  • Participants only have access to the particular accommodation site they are assigned to
  • Participants are only permitted access to their assigned dorm room
  • Respect the privacy of others - stay out of rooms not assigned to you
  • Curfew is 11:00 pm for all participants, including adults
  • Anyone who misses curfew is subject to disciplinary action
  • Participants will be checked-in at the accommodation with their coach and team before curfew each day using an electronic scan process.
Removal from Games Accommodation
Participants staying in BC Games accommodation, are expected to remain in accommodation for the duration of the Games. Anyone who removes themselves from BC Games accommodation prior to the completion of the Games will no longer be eligible to compete, have meals, or take Games transportation.

Participants who finish competition prior to the final day of the Games may remove themselves from BC Games accommodation by having their Provincial Advisor sign the required form.