Staff Code of Conduct
Staff of each BC Winter and BC Summer Games Society will:
  • Represent unconflicted loyalty to the interests of the Society. This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty such as that to advocacy or interest groups and membership on other Boards or staff as well as personal interest of any staff acting as an individual consumer of this Society’s services.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest. There must be no self-dealing or any conduct of private business or personal services between any staff and the Society except as procedurally controlled to assure openness, competitive opportunity and equal access to otherwise “inside” information. Staff will conduct their activities in an ethical and businesslike manner and in accordance with the Standards of Business Conduct Policy and Conflict of Interest Guidelines adopted by the [City Name] [Year] BC Summer/Winter Games Society.
  • Not attempt to exercise individual authority over the agency.
  • Ensure their interactions with the public, press, or other entities are within the limitations of their positions. Staff must be cognizant that they do not speak for the Board or the Society. The President or designate is the official spokesperson for the Host Society.
  • Deal with outside entities or individuals, with clients, volunteers, and other staff in a manner reflecting fair play, ethics, and straightforward communication.
  • Operate in accordance with the law and within the parameters of the Agreement for Financial Assistance, the Funding Sources Document, the Protocols, and the structure of the Society as provided by the BC Games Society.
  • Act within the established governance model for BC Summer/Winter Games Host Society.
  • Act within the parameters of the Society’s articles of incorporation and bylaws.
  • Act with a duty of loyalty and due diligence.
  • Fulfill individual responsibility to the organization by being prepared, open, and committed to achieving the purpose of the Society.
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