2022 BC Summer Games

The BC Games Leadership Awards for the 2022 BC Summer Games were presented by Canadian Tire. Both Canadian Tire and the BC Games Society were impressed by the achievements in sport, academics, and volunteerism demostrated by the applicants. More than 200 applications were received with applicants representing all sports and every zone.

We are proud to have had such incredible young people participating in the 2022 BC Summer Games.

The following 16 recipients were acknowledged at at presentation at their sport venue during the Games and will be mailed a plaque along with their $500 bursary.

Kootenays (Zone 1)

Findlay Whittick


Findlay placed second at the North American Nordic Ski cup in 2021 and second in 2022. He has completed the French Delf A1 & B1 Certification and was named Top all-around Student at his school in 2022. Findlay gives back to his community by volunteering as an ambassador for Lake Windermere as well as Groundswell Network Society.

Emma McLachlan


Emma received a Student Recognition award in 2022 for Academic Excellence in Math and Leadership. She placed first in the all-around High School level 3 gymnastics and her Volleyball team placed second at the volleyball finals. Emma has volunteered on her school’s student council as well as at her local gymnastics club.

Thompson Okanagan (Zone 2)

Damian Hickey


Damian has medalled multiple times at the provincial level in Kayak as well as placing first and second in his events at the Ted Houk International Regatta in Seattle Washington. Damian has volunteered as a mentor to help a young student to navigate through the middle school setting.

Jordis Hickie


Jordis is a 3-time provincial champion for competitive jump rope and is the 2022 Canadian National Champion for individual competitive jump rope. She was awarded the Most Outstanding Grade 9 Student Award at her high school in 2022 for her involvement in the school community as well as her academic achievements. Jordis volunteers with Canadian Food for Children to help make care packages for children in need around the world.

Fraser Valley (Zone 3)

Megan Owens


Megan achieved second place in the100m freestyle as well third in the 400m freestyle relate in 2019. Megan recently received the Deputy Vice Chancellor Scholarship for Continuing Studies. She is the co-writer of the Inclusivity Guide for Instructors and Students in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology Courses at the University of British Columbia. Megan volunteers with Special Olympics Canada and Inclusion Revolution Sport.

Preston Seneviratne


Preston recently competed at the 2022 Summer Divisionals where he achieved a national qualifying time for the 200m backstroke. He was a part of the Peak Performance Pod in his high school based on his academic and athletics achievements. Preston is an active member of his school’s Aboriginal Student Leadership Program, which is involved in community clean up, community garden programs and cultural learning and interconnectedness.

Fraser River (Zone 4)

Linus Fong


Linus was recently nominated by Swim BC and the Canadian Sport Institute for the Swim BC Prospect Program. He has received awards for overall academic and athletic excellence at his school and has also become the Public Speaking District Champion. Linus volunteers his time to give back to the swimming community by coaching younger athletes and is also a member of the Youth in Action group which fundraises for those in need around the world.

Clara Myles


Clara has received a Character in Action award for good sportsmanship in both soccer and volleyball. Her Metro level soccer team finished the season in third place and he her Elite volleyball team placed fifth at Nationals in 2022. Clara volunteers as a mentor to young math, science and Tech Education students through the STEAM program at her high school.

Vancouver-Coastal (Zone 5)

Amy Shumka


Amy has received Honours in the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Exam and has also received a Scholarship in Math 9 Pre-AP Award. Her soccer team was the BC Provincial A Cup Champions in 2022. Amy has volunteered in both the soccer community as well as within the Vancouver area

Sofia Varma-Virtug


Sofia was the silver medalist in the Junior Women’s Triple Jump at the 2022 BC High School Provincial Championships where she broke her high school’s senior record for triple jump. In 2022 she received the National Recognition form the League of Canadian Poets for her sonnet Liquid Gold. Sofia volunteers at her local track and field club coaching in the Track Rascals Programs.

Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6)

Payge Doty-Brown


Payge has recently been in the top 4 in the U16 age group for Hammer Throw at Athletics Canada. She has won the Mark Isfeld 4 Pillar Awards for Citizenship and the Principals Select Award for the past two years at her high school. Payge started the Promise Project Team at her school which created the shoebox campaign to distribute items to vulnerable youths in the Comox Valley.

Gabby McArthur

3x3 Basketball

Gabby received the 2021 Ian G. Fleetwood President’s Away for Player of the Year for the Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association. She has also received many academic achievement awards including awards for exceptional academic performance and for outstanding contribution in computer science and language arts. Gabby is a member of the Ambassador Program at her school.

North West (Zone 7)

Molly Mertin


Molly was selected for the Whitecaps Elite Girls Soccer team three years in a row. She has been recognized academically at her school for high test scores and exceptional effort as well as her willingness to help other students. Molly volunteers in soccer community by helping to coach, conduct workshops and plan practices for younger athletes.

Tamika Ramos-Butschle


Tamika has consistently placed in the top three in long jump, ball throw, 100m and relay for the past several years. She recently received the Smithers Secondary School Coaches Award for her volunteer work of over 70 hours in sports. She also received a Certificate of Distinction from the Centre of Education in Mathematics for ranking in the top 20% of the contestants from across Canada in the Pascal Contest. Tamika volunteers her time by score keeping basketball and volleyball games.

Cariboo-North East (Zone 8)

Joelle Thurow


Joelle and her team recently came third at the High School Senior Girl’s Rugby 7s Provincials. She has received the High School Citizenship Award in 2022 as well as the Physical education 10 Award at her high school. Joelle volunteers with Girls Can Rugby which introduces elementary school girls to the sport of rugby.

Danya Baker


Danya received a Certificate of Academic achievement in Science this past school year. She was the Champion at the Canada Cup in Dressage in 2019 as well as part of the Gold medal Ringette team at the 2020 Provincials. She has volunteered her time to support both the Ringette and Equestrian communities.