Kelly Mann receives BC Community Achievement Award

Kelly Mann receives BC Community Achievement Award

Author: BC Games Society/Friday, March 15, 2013/Categories: 2013 News

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On Thursday, March 14, at a ceremony at Government House in Victoria, BC Games Society President and CEO, Kelly Mann, was one of 38 individuals presented with the BC Community Achievement Award medallion and certificate by the Honourable Judith Guichon, OBC, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and the Honourable Ida Chong, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation.

Mann was recognized for his promotion of sport, volunteerism and community engagement. As a community volunteer, his work with KidSport Greater Victoria has been integral to the organization’s success.  As President and CEO of the BC Games Society, his impact on thousands of athletes, coaches, volunteers and officials is legendary.  With enthusiastic leadership, organizational expertise, and team spirit, Kelly has carefully nurtured a lasting legacy in BC Games host communities by working with mayors and community leaders to ensure positive outcomes. Kelly’s ability to create results speaks directly to his quality of work, great sense of humour, and ability to engage all in a shared vision.

Selected to speak on behalf of all recipients, Mann said "I am honoured to represent the class of 2013", whom he described as individuals who "share the gift of themselves, the pieces of us that we have each carved off in this world.  Men and women who care deeply for the arts, for sport and recreation, and community; people who work with those who cannot help themselves, due to illness or addiction; British Columbians old and young who lead, who dedicate and whose efforts leave a province better than when they found it.  And while it seems we give so much", he continued, "believe me when I say, we all get much more in return.  We see the fruits of our labours, the benefits, the growth, the increase in capacity - all which build a stronger community, a better way, a brighter British Columbia."  Then he challenged the recipients to "consider who will follow in your footsteps, who will take that lead from you.  Each of us owes it to the work we have begun" he concluded, "to make that work sustainable" and to "consider our succession plan and how that might look.  It is a chance to go back to the school yard and teach the next generation of BC Achievement Foundation honourees the true gift of sharing."

The BC Community Achievement Awards are presented annually.  Recipients are selected by an independent advisory council of the British Columbia Achievement Foundation from submitted nominations.   For more information on the BC Community Achievement Awards, click here.


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