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Participants & Volunteers with Diverse Abilities

The BC Games are enjoyed by participants, volunteers and visitors with a wide variety of diverse abilities and needs. Should a situation arise that requires your attention involving someone with unique needs, the following techniques will help you to understand the situation and to communicate effectively. 


  • Speak clearly and directly to the person.

  • Use open and positive body language during your interaction.

  • Understand what the situation is and assess their needs.  Please do not assume based on appearances.

  • Ask how you can help. You may need to slow down and repeat, rephrase, or write it down but ensure that they know you are there to help. 


BC Games is committed to providing an environment in which all people are treated in ways that are just and fair, and where a full and equitable range of opportunities are available to all who participate in and lead BC Games activities.  BC Games and its athletes, volunteers, and employees will not discriminate against any member or user of BC Games programs based on characteristics as defined by the BC Human Rights Code.  BC Games will work to ensure that equity is a key consideration when developing, updating or delivering BC Games programs, policies and projects. Equity does not necessarily mean that all people must be treated exactly the same. People may need to be treated differently in order to be treated fairly.


Anti-Bullying Code of Conduct

The BC Winter Games will not tolerate bullying or harassment.

The definition bullying and harassment includes any inappropriate conduct by a person, directly or indirectly, towards another person or group of people that the person engaged in the conduct knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause physical or psychological harm including humiliation, embarrassment or intimidation.



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