A Mighty Few

A Mighty Few

A small, but powerful team of girls

Author: BC Summer Games/Saturday, July 21, 2018/Categories: 2018 News, 2018 BC Summer Games, Basketball

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By Hayley Picard

When the going gets tough, these athletes just keep on dribbling. With injuries and family scheduling conflicts decimating their team moments before the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games, girls from Zone 4 (Fraser River) took a deep breath and a determined step onto court as a tight unit at Ecole Mt Provost.

“It’s been mentally tough,” explains Alina (mother of player Anita). “But I feel it’s better for them to learn this lesson early in life. What an incredible experience.”

As the girls with orange ribbon proudly braided through their hair play intense 3x3 basketball, it becomes clear that these young athletes are there to lift each other up. With no subs, they dribble, pass, defend and drive to the net with all their heart.

“The changes to the team were a little hard to digest at first,” shares Nagisa (mother of Mai) “It’s going to get easier though. This learning experience is unique.”

From the sheer number of family and friends who journeyed from Coquitlam to cheer on this basketball trio, Zone 4 pride is in full affect. Even injured teammate Mariana is encouraging them from the sidelines.

“I suffered a concussion before the games and couldn’t compete,” she says. “But I needed to be here to support my team.”

The challenges have brought these families together and bonded them in common experience.

“Nagisa and her family are camping at Lake Cowichan during the games so we visited them last night,” Alina smiles. “We roasted marshmallows, watched deer come and go. It’s special to be here on the island. I’m always so relaxed when I come here.”

As Lorene watches his daughter Anita on the court he smiles with pride. “I played basketball growing up in Romania,” he says. “It’s a family sport with us. The game requires fast decisions, teamwork and balance. These are great life skills.” Clearly this BC Summer Games has imprinted itself in the hearts and minds of these resilient athletes.

(Left-right) Anita Tavaszi, Kalea Le and Mai Inoue wear their bright orange of Zone 4.


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