Promoting the Culture of the Games

Promoting the Culture of the Games

Author: BC Games Society/Thursday, November 28, 2019/Categories: Front Page, News, 2019 News, 2020 BC Winter Games, 2020 BC Summer Games

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With the Fort St. John 2020 BC Winter Games approaching, now is a great time to review the Culture of the Games. The BC Games Society is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture of positivity, respect and inclusion. We believe that everyone associated with the Games has the right to participate in an environment that is positive, respectful, inclusive, accessible and supportive, and that contributes to an exceptional experience in a safe environment.

All Games participants are expected to conduct themselves in the spirit of fair play and in a responsible manner, from the time they board BC Games transportation, until the time they return home. Every participant is representing their sport: the behaviours of each participant can not only impact them personally, but their sport and the sport's inclusion in future Games. BC Games participants are defined as athletes, head and assistant coaches, adults supervisors, and officials, however the Culture of the Games applies to anyone involved in the Games, including volunteers, partners, family and spectators.

Respectful behavior means treating others the same way you would like to be treated, with dignity and humanity, regardless of gender, ethnic background, color, sexual orientation, ability, religion, political belief or economic status. For athletes this means modeling good sportsmanship and respecting fellow athletes, coaches and volunteers. For coaches this means being a positive role model and making decisions that protect the emotional, mental and physical well-being of their athletes over and above the results of a competition. For officials, this means officiating in a fair and honest manner. For volunteers, partners, family and spectators this means approaching all participants respectfully and cheering in an encouraging manner.

For the BC Games Society, promoting the Culture of the Games also means taking appropriate disciplinary action on any behaviour contrary to the policies and rules of the BC Games Society. We will not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, abuse, bullying, hazing, or similar behaviour. Disciplinary action may include removal of a participant from competition or the removal of an entire zone team from competition.

In the months leading up to the 2020 BC Winter and BC Summer Games, we will be reviewing and updating policies and procedures of the Games operations to ensure the Games is a positive experience for all. In light of this, the BC Games Society has signed the Responsible Coach Movement through the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. We are committed to ensuring that our athletes and coaches are protected.

For more information, please visit the Culture of the Games page on the BC Games Society website here:


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