An Open Letter to the Organizers of the BC Summer Games

An Open Letter to the Organizers of the BC Summer Games

Author: BC Games Society/Tuesday, July 22, 2014/Categories: 2014 BC Summer Games, Inline Hockey

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WOW!!! What an amazing, once in a lifetime experience I had this past weekend, July 17 – 20 at the BC Summer Games in Nanaimo.

At my age, 46, I never thought it was possible. But there I was, attending the Opening Ceremonies, getting caught up in hockey games and attending the medal ceremony!! I was born and raised in BC and am a proud Canadian, BC resident and lower mainland/Fraser Valley dweller. As you may have guessed, I wasn’t actually a participant in these games. Rather, I was a proud parent!

A couple of years ago, my boys had a discussion with my husband about the BC Games that went something like this. “Dad, do you think we could get to the BC Games?” “Probably not, boys. If you wanted to get in for your sports (soccer and ball hockey) you needed to be above radar by now. You guys play for love of the sport, not to be the top athlete in your sport. But don’t worry about it…just have fun “ Right about then, our youngest son had decided to try a new sport, inline hockey. He really enjoyed it and had lots of fun playing it. Before every game, I would drop him off and tell him three things 1. Play hard and do your best 2. Have fun 3. I love you At the end of his games I would say three things 1. Did you try your best 2. Did you enjoy the game 3. I love you.

This spring, he said to my husband, “You know how you said we probably wouldn’t be in a BC Games because we played our sports under the radar? I have a chance to play in the Games with inline hockey .” Well, he tried out for the Fraser Valley team and, thanks to support from people like Meka Trepanier of Hockey House and volunteer parent/coaches like Rick McKissock and Mark Sweeney, he was part of a team that went to the BC Summer Games this year.

I want to thank you for making his dream come true. By including inline hockey on your roster of summer sports, my son was able to fly “above the radar” and achieve a personal goal. While doing that, he learned about commitment to a team, camaraderie and friendship and doing one’s best.

I know that inline hockey isn’t really a “mainstream sport” in BC. But, for my son, it was the catalyst that propelled him above the radar. Please know how important it is that you include this sport, among others, in the BC Games. Please continue to do so. It fosters a love of sport and of provincial pride when kids can compete and be part of such a special event. Again, thank you to you for organizing spectacular games, for including a wide range of sports and for helping the dreams of many young people, including my son, Austin Benzel, come true.

With sincere regards, Rachelle Beaulieu


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