Hosts defeat Zone 4 to win BC Winter Games gold at ringette, Zone 5 takes bronze

Hosts defeat Zone 4 to win BC Winter Games gold at ringette, Zone 5 takes bronze

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Scoring came from six Thompson-Okanagan Zone 2 players as they captured gold in a 6-1 win over the Fraser River Zone 4.

The scoring players were: Mari Weill, Stephanie Martin, Abygayle Williamson, Jessye Large, Nicole Amaral and Jordyn Turner.

Kaitlin Allen scored the lone goal for Zone 4.

Ellie Needham fired a shot past the goalie top corner in an overtime thriller to earn Vancouver-Coastal Zone 5 a bronze medal in ringette.

It was the second goal of the game for Needham in the 4-3 win over Fraser Valley Zone 3. Teammates Nicole Sparrow and Anna Watanabe also scored.

Zone 3 goals were scored by Cassidy Walker, Daphne Stams and Sidney Crowe. 


Gold medal game:

Madison Fox, athlete - team captain, Vernon, Zone 2

On preparing for the gold medal game:

"We had our heads in the games and really thinking about what we needed to do to win and how we were going to win gold while visuallizing how we were going to work as a team together."

On winning the gold medal:

"It is amazing to lead this team to victory and work together. Then to have all my friends be there, it has been amazing. I love it."

On what made them successful at the BC Winter Games:

"I think being together for such a long time at the Games, we really got to know one another and see how everyone works. We all became friends and clicked - that is how we played so well together."

"We had a really good triangle the whole tournament that stayed strong, there wasn't a lot of shots and on the offensive end, moving the ring around well kept us going."


Kalina Slamka, athlete, Kelowna/Zone 2

On why the team was successful at the BC Winter Games:

"I think we knew we had a pretty good shot at winning coming into the Games. We have a bunch of skill on this team and we just came out and gave it everything."


Todd MacMillan, coach, Kelowna/Zone 2

On the strategy for the gold winning game:

"Being so close to home and having all these fans, the comfort level for the athletes just goes up. The players were very focused and we focused a lot on defence, as it shows today, we only let one in. We really pressed them hard defensivly and we knew we had the offensive ability to score so it was a matter of just shutting them out."

"There was zero quit in this group. The biggest thing we talked about is that we earned our spot here and it was 40 minutes to win it all. We knew we would score, it was just a matter of shutting them down. We made sure we were all over them, didn't let them breathe and take their time. They couldn't do anything with the ring. That was the game plan and motto going into this game."


Ashley Robb, athlete, Coquitlam/Zone 4

On winning the silver medal:

"It is pretty amazing. A lot of us are upset about losing the gold but we need to look forward because we won silver, we didn't lose gold."


Nathan Lew, athlete, Burnaby/Zone 4

On their loss:

"I think at the end we pulled it together because at the beginning we were nervous. It was good that we collected ourselves and played better after the first period."


Maya Garnier, athlete, Surrey/Zone 4

On the loss:

"I think when they popped a few goals on us at the beginning of the game we got down on ourselves and then it was hard to come back."


Bronze medal game:

Ellie Needham, athlete, Delta/Zone 5

On her game-winning goal scored in overtime:

"It was a tie game and we were really scared. We went out and scored the goal and it was so great."

"I went around the net, broke into the triangle and shot top corner. I always score like that. That is where most of my goals were this tournament."

On after scoring the game-winner:

"I was corralled by my whole team and it was really overwhelming. It was so fun. When I realized what happened, I was just screaming and my teammates were screaming that is when I realized we won."

On what their coach and team talked about during the intermission before overtime:

"We talked about the how the Olympian Kristi Richards shared her story in the Opening Ceremony of the Games. How she talked about when she fell, her ski came off but she put it back on and then did the best jump of her life. We said let's do what she did and not give up and be strong like she was."


Elise Ploveson, athlete, Delta/Zone 5

On the overtime goal for the bronze medal:

"It was very, very intense. I was on the ice at the time and it was so insane my brain shut off. I couldn't think at all, just get the ring down to their end."

On her reaction to the game-winning goal scored in overtime:

"When she got the goal there was no words. My heart sank, gloves in the air and everyone jumped on each other."

On Needham's performance:

"She is very, very good. She is so fast and so smart with her passes."

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