Athlete and Coach Resources

Our Partners, the Canadian Sport Institute and SportMedBC, have provided the resource articles below to assist athletes and coaches who are preparing for the BC Games.

In partnership with ViaSport, the BC Games Society has compiled new resources that will support your preparation for the Games.  Check out the ViaSport resource library for these and many other resources.

For more resources and support please see the websites of organizations listed below.



For information about G2G Sessions (BC Games Guide to the Games Sessions), click here.


Goal Setting Worksheet
Click here to view or download the goal setting worksheet discussed at the G2G sessions.
BC Games Coach Mentorship Program

The BC Games Mentorship Program is a partnership between ViaSport and the BC Games Society and is designed to assist coaches in enhancing and developing their coaching skills in pursuit of higher levels of coaching certification. 

Apprentice coaches are paired with mentor coaches in their sport by their respective Provincial Sport Organization.  They work with their mentor in preparing for the Games and determining their role with the team prior to and at the Games.  They then attend the BC Winter or BC Summer Games and gain valuable coaching and multi-sport Games experience.

Further details including the guidelines and application can be found on the ViaSport website.