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You will be provided with nutritious meals that cover your dietary requirements so

you can achieve and excel at the highest level. If you have any food allergies or

dietary concerns, please ensure you complete the allergy and dietary sections of


Medical and Allergy

form a



Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for all participants staying in Games

accommodation. Breakfast and dinner will be served in a central cafeteria and

lunches will be delivered to you at your sport venue.

Meal Times

Each sport has a specified meal time, as we don’t have room to seat everyone at

once. Be sure to refer to your

Bus & Meal Schedule

for your exact meal and bus

pick-up times.


Concessions offering drinks and snacks will be available at most sport venues

throughout the weekend. Keep in mind that lunches are a standard size, so if

you need more food, bring money for use at the concessions.

Food on the Road

Be sure to bring food or money to purchase food en route to the Games and for

when you arrive. Depending upon your arrival time in Abbotsford on Thursday,

July 21, you may be provided a boxed lunch at the Participant Accreditation


Water - Drink it up!

Bottled water will not be provided to Games participants. There will be water

fountains and/or water stations at every sport venue; bring a water bottle with you

so you’ll be able to keep it filled.


Green Games

We ask that all 2016 BC Summer Games participants join

in our commitment to minimize the overall environmental

footprint of these Games. Recycling will be provided at

all venues and accommodation sites and composting at

select key venues. With your help, these initiatives will

minimize the materials being sent to the landfill. We

ask participants to share parts of their lunches that they

do not want (rather than throwing it away) and to be

conscious of their energy and water use throughout the

Games. Together, we can create a better environment

for the BC Games today, and in the future!