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The BC Summer Games is a valuable multi-sport Games experience for developing

athletes, coaches, and officials. To keep everything running smoothly, it is

important you are aware of the rules and expectations at the BC Summer Games.

Condition of Entry.

As a condition of entry into, or volunteering at, the BC

Summer Games, it must be understood that the participants and volunteers

enter entirely at their own risk, and will not hold the Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer

Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and/or the BC Games Society,

their staff, agents, and/or volunteer workers responsible for injury, loss, or

damage occurring during the 2016 BC Summer Games.

The Abbotsford 2016 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British

Columbia, and the BC Games Society do not assume responsibility for loss

of wages, medical, dental, or hospital care for athletes, coaches, officials, or

volunteers during the 2016 BC Summer Games.

Tobacco Free.

Tobacco use is not permitted in Games accommodation, on

Games transportation, at any Games venues, including all competition venues

(indoor and outdoor), and the food venue. Smoking is also not permitted at the

entry to any Games venue.

Zero Tolerance.

Any participant under 19 years of age found under the influence

or in possession of alcohol or an illegal drug will be subject to disciplinary action.

Violations could result in expulsion from the Games.

The BC Games Society has a zero tolerance policy regarding bullying or other

forms of harassment. Any such actions will be subject to disciplinary action.

Damage Control.

Anyone who damages Games venues will be held

responsible. This may include payment of associated costs and/or disciplinary

action. Please be sure to leave your competition venue and accommodation

site tidy and in good condition.

Common Courtesy.

You are one of many outstanding athletes, coaches, and

officials who will be involved in competition at the 2016 BC Summer Games. It

is important that you show all Games participants the same respect you want

in return. Look around - future provincial and national team athletes, Canada

Games athletes, and Olympians or Paralympians are competing right alongside







Important Rules and Expectations at the BC Games