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Travel Itinerary

and Games Information

document that is included in your

registration confirmation package, outlines how you’ll get to Abbotsford and back home

again. Please read this thoroughly and bring it with you to the Games so you can

stay on top of travel plans. If you miss your bus or flight, it is your responsibility to get

yourself to the Games, at your own expense.

Team Travel

To ensure the safety and supervision of athletes during travel to and from the BC

Games, zone teams travel together on Games transportation (buses/flights) departing

from and returning to central pick-up locations. This ensures that every athlete is

supervised by an accredited adult (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Adult Supervisor)

from the time they board a bus/flight until the time they arrive at their destination.

Participants must provide their own transportation to/from the selected pick-up/

drop-off locations. The pick-up/drop-off location(s) may not be the closest one to

the participants’ homes, however, this is necessary to ensure proper safety and

supervision of athletes.

Participants from the Greater Vancouver area are required to make their own way

to the Games. Please check with your Coach, Zone Representative, or Provincial

Advisor to confirm your designated time for arrival so that you can connect with the

rest of your zone team.

It May Be a Long Trip

All participants travelling on BC Games transportation are scheduled to arrive in

Abbotsford no later than 11:00 am on Thursday, July 21. In order to arrive on time,

you may begin and/or end your journey late at night or early in the morning.

This travel schedule can be very tiring, so plan to get plenty of rest prior to departure

and use the travel time to mentally and

physically prepare for the competition that

begins early Friday.

Getting Around Abbotsford

If you’re staying in Games accommodation,

buses will take you to your sport venue,

meals, and participant special events. Refer

to the

Bus & Meal Schedule

that will be

provided upon your arrival. Shuttle buses

will take you back to your accommodation

after the Opening Ceremony and the

Participant Special Events. Don’t miss the

bus - please be at your pick-up location at

the designated time.

Travel to the Games

Preparation Resources

The BC Games is a large multi-sport

event where participants are faced with

unique challenges. There are online

resources available to help you prepare

for the Games. Visit


for links t

o viaSport, SportMedBC



Canadian Sport Institute Pacific


where you will find information on

injury prevention, nutrition, mental

preparation, and more.