Core Sport Policy - How Sports Qualify for the Games



The Core Sport policy guides the process for inclusion in the BC Summer and BC Winter Games.   

First established in May 1994,  each sport organization is given the opportunity to demonstrate how the BC Games fit into their sport development plans and how they use the Games as an integral part of their athlete, coach, and officials’ development models.   Each sport is granted inclusion into one Games and is evaluated against the Core Sport policy after the Games to determine their inclusion in the next Games.

The BC Games are an entry point to the performance pathway and are high profile competitive opportunities for Provincial Sport Organizations to incorporate into their Long Term Athlete/Player Development model.   The competition at the Games is generally in the higher end of the Learning to Train or lower end of the Training to Train stage for each sport.

Key principles for inclusion in the Games include province-wide participation, gender equity among participants (athletes, coaches, officials), competitive opportunities for athletes with a disability where the same level of opportunity for the same caliber of athletes is not available in other Games in BC, and are generally a one-time opportunity for all participants (a possible two-time experience for athletes with a disability). 

The following principles guide the decision on inclusion of sports in the Games:

  • Sports included in the BC Winter or BC Summer Games are evaluated after every Games prior to their status for the next BC Games being determined. 
  • All sports are compared to other sports included in the Games, as well as to new sports applying for inclusion. 
  • The number of sports and the number of athletes allocated to each sport in the BC Winter and BC Summer Games are subject to the discretion of the BC Games Society.
  • Sports that best meet the criteria for Core Sport status will be given preference for inclusion in the BC Winter or BC Summer Games.

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New Process for 2022 Games

For the 2022 Games no new sports and no additions to participant numbers will be considered. 

While the size of the BC Winter and BC Summer Games have fluctuated over the years depending on the number of sports and number of zones competing for each sport, the Games are very large and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to ensure exceptional sport experiences for everyone involved in the Games.  

Over the coming years the BC Games Society will be looking at the Games from the lens of determining the optimal size, within the current resources available to our organization. 

The plan is to implement any identified changes for the 2024 Games, at the earliest. 

Given the possible changes going forward (2024 and beyond), for the 2022 Games there will be no increases to the Sport Packages or the size of the Games. 

As a result, the 2022 Games will not be open for new sports to apply for inclusion and sports in the Games will not be permitted to increase their participant numbers. 

Sports in the 2020 Games will be evaluated post-Games, to determine their status in the 2022 Games.  Sports that do not meet the Core Sport criteria may not be granted inclusion in the 2022 Games.

Sports included in the 2020 Games have been sent the required application to submit changes to their technical packages based on the Core Sport Policy for the 2022 Games linked below and the timeline also linked below.

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