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Lacrosse is a sport rich in Canadian history and tradition.  The initial forms of lacrosse were documented as early as the 1700s and are best detailed in the history of our First Nations people.  Lacrosse is “Canada’s National Summer Sport” and recognized as the “Fastest Game on two Feet.” There are two forms of Lacrosse – Box and Field.

Lacrosse Facts

  • Box Lacrosse is played indoors in hockey rinks
  • Field Lacrosse is played outdoors on grass or turf
  • Lacrosse is known as the “fastest game on two feet”

When one thinks of lacrosse in Canada, Box Lacrosse is the discipline recognized by most people. It is played mainly during the summer months in hockey arenas, on a cement or turf surface.  The game is very similar to ice hockey and is played with a goaltender and five players aside on the floor at one time.  Play can continue freely in all zones of the floor; no off-side rules are present.  Body contact is permitted on the ball carrier, with limited contact off the ball carrier.

Field Lacrosse is played outdoors on a natural grass or turf field, 60 yards wide by 110 yards long.  There are 10 players per team and are identified as attackmen (3), midfielders (3), defenders (3), and a goaltender.  There are a maximum of 23 players per roster.

Field Lacrosse is best known as a collegiate game and provides a great opportunity for Canadians to attend US colleges and universities on athletic scholarships, or Canadian universities in club programs.  Field Lacrosse is played internationally in over 45 countries with World Lacrosse Championships held every four years.

At the BC Summer Games, Field Lacrosse athletes are 14-15 years old, while the Box Lacrosse athletes are 15-16 years old.  The Lacrosse program at the Games is closely tied to the development of athletes towards the next levels of competitive teams for the sport.

The British Columbia Lacrosse Association (BCLA) is the provincial organization that represents over 16,000 registered athletes from ages 4 – 50+ throughout BC.