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The origins of softball date back to 1887 with records showing that the first game was played between Yale and Harvard alumni, on September 16, 1887 in Chicago.  Originally an indoor game envisioned for baseball players to keep up their skills in the winter, it began being played outdoors and quickly spread across the US and Canada.  There are 126 countries that are currently registered with the International Softball Federation.  Softball - women made its debut at the 1996 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta and the Canadian Women’s teams have been very successful but, the sport was removed from the Olympics following the 2008 Games.  Men’s Softball has not been included in the Olympic program, but it is played in a World Championship.

Softball Facts

  • A softball is 30cm in circumference
  • Infield is smaller than baseball with each base 60ft from the next
  • Ball must be pitched underhand
  • 7 innings are played

Softball differs from baseball in a number of ways including the ball, while not soft, it is larger than a baseball.  The infield has bases 60 feet apart as opposed to 90 feet apart in baseball.  Seven innings are played in a typical game and pitchers must pitch the ball underhand to the batter.

Most of the BC Summer Games softball athletes started playing softball at the age of 5 or 6 in their local community associations at the Learn to Play or T-Ball level.  At the BC Summer Games athletes are under 16.  Zone teams are selected as early as the summer and fall of 2017 allowing the zone coaches to hold indoor camps throughout the winter and not interfere with the athletes’ club teams.

The BC Summer Games is one way for the elite athletes from all over our province to be showcased and identified for future Team BC programs.  The ultimate goal for these athletes, coaches, and officials is to be recognized nationally and internationally for their skill, knowledge of the game, and sportsmanship.

Softball BC is the official governing body of softball in the province of British Columbia.  Notable BC Games alumni include current Women’s National Team members Jocelyn Cater (Delta) and Kelsey Haberl (Burnaby).