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Wrestling’s origins are deeply entrenched through history as perhaps the most ancient sport to be continuously competed in.  The discipline can be traced back approximately 5000 years to hieroglyphs of wrestlers and some say even further still about 15,000 years to cave drawings found in France.  Today, wrestling has evolved into different styles all around the world, featuring some of the world’s most physically and mentally conditioned athletes. 

Wrestling Facts

  • A freestyle match consists of 3 two-minute rounds; the first to win two rounds or achieve a pin is declared the winner.
  • A pin, or fall, is a victory condition that is met by holding an opponent's shoulders or scapulae (shoulder blades) on the mat.

A widely contested sport in ancient Greece, wrestling served a particular purpose in the training of soldiers in the art of hand to hand combat.  It was a focal point of the ancient Olympic Games, and has been included in the modern Olympics since 1896.  Wrestling was removed from the 2020 Olympic Games but was later reinstated by the IOC.

The two genres of the sport competed at the Olympic Games are Freestyle, and Greco-Roman.  Although both sports are essentially wrestling, the difference comes in both the scoring systems and the objective of the opposing competitors.

In freestyle wrestling, the objective of the wrestler is to score on his opponent using almost any means he would like.  Athletes are permitted to take down his or her opponent using attacks to both to the lower and upper body.  A freestyle match consists of three two-minute rounds and the first to win two rounds or achieve a pin is declared the winner.  Rounds can be won by achieving two - three point manoeuvres in one round, technical superiority (leading opponent by six+ points), or executing a five point manoeuvre, or leading the opponent at end of period.

At the BC Summer Games, freestyle wrestling is featured for athletes 14-17 years of age who compete in various weight classes.  There is individual competition and a team competition.  The BC Games serves as an excellent gauge for athletes to discover where they are provincially and build toward national aspirations.

BC Wrestling Association represents approximately 2600 wrestlers across the province.  Notable alumni include 2008 and 2012 Olympic medallist Carol Huynh (Hazelton) and 2013 Team BC Flag Bearer, Ashley Osachuk.