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Netball is a quick passing game that was originally developed by Dr. James Naismith in 1891 as the women’s alternative to basketball.  The sport spread quickly in England and throughout the many Commonwealth countries.  Today netball is played by more than 20 million people in 80 different countries and is a recognized Olympic sport, as well as being included in the Commonwealth Games.

Netball Facts

  • Invented by Canadian James Naismith
  • Commonwealth Games sport
  • Net is 10 feet high but has no backboard
  • Only passing allowed, no dribbling

While netball is similar to basketball, there are some key differences; there is no dribbling, players have three seconds to pass, and only two players per team can shoot on the net.  A standard court is 30.5m x 15.25m and is divided into thirds by transverse lines.  The net stands 10 feet high and has no backboard.  Regulation international games are made up of four, 15-minute quarters played with running time.

TThere are seven players on each team and players wear a bib with letters that designates the name of their position.  Each player has a different role and there are rules regarding where they can go in the court.  Players with G are allowed in the shooting circles and only GS (Goal Shooter) and GA (Goal Attack) are allowed to shoot goals.  GK (Goal Keeper) and GD (Goal Defense) play in the defensive zone and check the GS and GA players.  Players with C and W are centre court players and C (Centre) play in all thirds, but not the shooting circles.  WA (Wing Attack) is an attacking centre court player and WD (Wing Defense) is a defensive centre court player.

The BC Winter Games feature athletes ages 13-17.  BC Netball is the provincial organization responsible for development of the sport and the BC Games is an important part of developing athletes towards qualifying for provincial and national level competitions.

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