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Ringette is a Canadian game that was created in 1963 by Sam Jacks in North Bay Ontario.  Originally designed as an alternative on-ice game for females, it has evolved into a two-gender sport with an emphasis on passing, speed, and team play.  Sweden, Finland, France, and the United States have joined Canada as part of the International Ringette Federation (IRF).

Ringette Facts

  • Invented in Canada
  • No body contact permitted
  • 8” hollow, rubber ring is used with a straight stick
  • Ring must be passed over the blue line
  • 30 seconds to take a shot 

Ringette is an exciting, non-contact ice sport where players wear protective equipment, skates and use a straight stick with a specially designed tip to pass and shoot a blue rubber ring.  The game is played on the same size ice surface as hockey, with six players (five skaters and a goalie) per team.  A typical ringette game consists of two, 20 minute periods and differs from hockey where players must pass over the blue line and only three skaters are permitted in the attacking zone.  Once in control of the ring, a team has 30 seconds to take a shot on goal. 

TThe BC Winter Games feature athletes ages 13-14 and the event is an important development milestone towards National Championships and the Canada Games.  Following the 2012 BC Winter Games, 16 alumni formed a BC Under 16 team and won gold at the 2013 National Championships, the first time a team from BC has won this event.

Ringette BC was formed in 1976 and boasts more than 2200 players around the province.  Players are competitive, especially as they pursue high performance programs like Canada Winter Games, but the sport has not lost sight of its original goal; to provide all participants with the chance to take part in a fun, healthy, team sport at a level that suits them.