Head Office
BC Lacrosse Association
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Provincial Advisor
Greg Toll
(778) 980-5599

Zone Rep - Kootenays (Zone 1)
Kathryn Backshell-Jones
(604) 421-4215

Zone Rep - Thompson-Okanagan (Zone 2)
Wuilbert Jaramillo
(250) 859-1664

Zone Rep - Fraser Valley (Zone 3)
Gordon Miller
(778) 980-5103

Zone Rep - Fraser River (Zone 4)
Michael O'Connor
(604) 328-1526
(604) 873-1336

Zone Rep - Vancouver-Coastal (Zone 5)
Mary Clare
(604) 312-8732

Zone Rep - Vancouver Island-Central Coast (Zone 6)
Shane Mellish
(250) 474-6425

Zone Rep - North West (Zone 7)
Tyrone Yee
(250) 567-7958
(250) 567-3329

Zone Rep - Cariboo-North East (Zone 8)
Richard Paciejewski
(250) 562-1164
(250) 562-1950


Technical Package for Lacrosse-Box

Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games
July 19-22, 2018

Technical Packages provide details of the eligibility requirements as well as event and competition information.  In order to fully understand the rules and requirements for participation in the BC Games, it is expected that the BC Games General Rules will be read in addition to the sport-specific information contained in the Technical Package.
Technical Package for Lacrosse-Box last updated: November 12, 2017.
Be sure to check back for updates.


Fuller Lake Arena (Chemainus)/Kerry Park Arena (Mill Bay)
15 - 16
Age Description:
Midget players born in 2002 or 2003.
Zone Team Composition:
One team of 19 male competitors, 2 of whom are goaltenders, per zone.
Not applicable.
Maximum Athletes:
(See BC Games General Rules for information about the "adult supervisor" role)

One (1) 1 Head Coach and two (2) Assistant Coaches per zone, at least one of whom must be male. Each zone is required to have a Head Coach.
Every zone must name a head coach (exception: sports for athletes with a disability, which must have one head coach for the sport).  If assistant coaches have any NCCP training they are registered with the role "assistant coach", otherwise they are registered with the role "adult supervisor". 
See BC Games General Rules for more information.
(the number of Officials the sport is permitted to register as participants)


Transportation, accommodation, and meals, as arranged by the Host Society, will be provided for officials. See BC Games General Rules for more information.

Athlete Eligibility:

In addition to BC Games General Rules, the sport-specific eligibility requirements noted in this technical package are in effect for the 2018 BC Summer Games.

Teams must be comprised of members of registered team(s) who live in the applicable BC Games zone. Competitors must be members in good standing with the BC Lacrosse Association.

Competitors will be selected on a “try-out” basis. All competitors within the zone, who meet all applicable regulations, will be notified of these try-outs.

Teams are zone all-star teams.

Athletes may only attend one BC Summer Games to compete in Lacrosse-Box.

See the BC Games General Rules for current BC Games registration fees.  Note that fees are assessed for athletes only (coaches, adult supervisors, and officials do not pay this fee).  Sports may assess additional fees to cover training, uniforms, qualification event(s), etc.  Please contact your Provincial Advisor or the PSO for more details. Fees are collected by the sport and paid to the BC Games Society upon invoice after the Games.
  The current BC Games registration fee can be found by clicking the link on this page. The BC Games Registration fee is included in the fee charged by the BC Lacrosse Association. Contact the BC Lacrosse Association for confirmation of the fee for the 2018 BC Summer Games.
Coach Eligibility:

Note that the role of head coaches and assistant coaches at the BC Games includes travelling to and from the Games with the team/zone, residing with the team/zone in BC Games accommodation, and acting in a supervisory capacity throughout the Games.

See BC Games General Rules for information about the roles of the head coach and assistant coach.

All Head Coaches must be fully certified at NCCP Level 2 or CPI Competition Introduction. All Assistant Coaches must be fully certified at Community Development Level 1 and must have completed Making Ethical Decisions.

BC Games General Rules dictate the level of coach certification required for head coaches and assistant coaches unless otherwise stated in this Technical Package - click here for details.  A minimum of Making Ethical Decisions is required for all assistant coaches - more information can be found here.

Events and Categories:
Tournament draw to be determined by the BC Lacrosse Association Minor Directorate.

Lacrosse balls must be CLA approved.
Zone Selections and Registration Deadline: 

Please refer to the BC Games General Rules for the registration deadline set by the BC Games Society. The BC Games deadline is in effect unless an earlier date is set by the Provincial Sport Organization is specified in this technical package.  See BC Games General Rules for registration procedures.

All Online Participant Registration must be completed and payment provided to the BC Lacrosse Association office by June 4, 2018.
Accommodation and Transportation:

Also see BC Games General Rules for further details about accommodation and transportation.

It is the BC Games Society policy that all participants under 19 are required to stay in Games accommodation, regardless of where they reside, and that at least one adult of the same gender as the athletes must stay in Games accommodation in a supervisory capacity.


The Minus-One Rule will be implemented for all sports. This means that when there are four or more competitors or teams, Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals will be awarded; when there are three competitors or teams, Silver and Gold medals will be awarded, and when there are two competitors or teams only a Gold medal will be awarded. For more details about BC Games medals, review the BC Games General Rules.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded within the parameters of the BC Games Society Minus-One Rule.

Participant information is collected under the authority of the BC Games Society. The information provided will be used to determine eligibility to participate in the 2018 BC Summer Games. On confirmation of eligibility the information will be used to arrange liability insurance coverage to address any claims arising from the voluntary participation of registered participants in the 2018 BC Summer Games. The name, hometown, sport, and results of registered participants will be provided to media outlets and available on the BC Games Society and the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games Society websites for the purposes of acknowledging selection for participation and placing. The names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, results, and/or images of registered participants may be used in non-commercial promotion/development of sport and/or the BC Summer and/or BC Winter Games or the BC Games Society. The names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, results, and/or images of Games participants may be provided to the Premier and the Minister responsible for the Games, and/or to members of the legislative assembly, and/or to local members of parliament, and/or to the media for the purposes of recognition and/or informing sport-related and/or training opportunities and/or to school principals and/or school district superintendents for the purpose of recognition and acknowledgement. For questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact the BC Games Society at 200 -990 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K2 or (250) 387-1375 or

As a condition of entry into, or volunteering at the BC Summer Games it must be understood that the participants and volunteers enter entirely at their own risk, and will not hold the Cowuichan 2018 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and/or the BC Games Society, their staff, agents, and/or volunteer workers responsible for injury, loss or damage occurring during the 2018 BC Summer Games.

Volunteers and participants may be protected for their actions vis a vis third party claims through the liability insurance for the Games but are not covered for any personal claims for injury or accident. Participants and volunteers agree to release, discharge and undertake not to commence action against the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society from any and all claims and causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever for injuries, property damage, or death which in any way results from participating or volunteering in the Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games.

The Cowichan 2018 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and/or the BC Games Society do not assume responsibility for loss of wages, or costs associated with medical, dental or hospital care for athletes, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, officials or volunteers for any injury or loss incurred during the, or as a result of participating or volunteering in the 2018 BC Summer Games.

The BC Games Society will not be liable for any communication between a BC Games Society participant and/or volunteer and any third party group that receives the participant and/or volunteer contact information list from the BC Games Society after the two year period expires under the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation Act (an Act to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy by regulating certain activities that discourage reliance on electronic means of carrying out commercial activities, and to amend the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act, the Competition Act, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Telecommunications Act S.C. 2010, c. 23) (“Act”). The two year period begins at the conclusion of the 2018 BC Summer Games. This clause is a defence to any violation under the Act regarding any communication between a third party group and a participant and/or volunteer of the BC Games Society that occurs after the two year period has expired. By completing a volunteer registration form (online or paper copy) or being registered to attend the 2018 BC Summer Games participants and volunteers are agreeing to all of the terms outlined in this conditions of entry agreement.

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