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Technical Package for Equestrian - Para

Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games
July 17-20, 2014

Technical Packages provide details of the eligibility requirements as well as event and competition information.  In order to fully understand the rules and requirements for participation in the BC Games, it is expected that the BC Games General Rules will be read in addition to the sport-specific information contained in the Technical Package.
Technical Package for Equestrian - Para last updated: October 31, 2013.
Be sure to check back for updates.


Beban Park
Age Description:
A minimum of 13 years of age and a maximum of 30 years of age as of January 1, 2014.
Zone Team Composition:
a maximum of 10 athletes. Each Zone may field one athlete. Once all Zones have submitted their registration, the assignment of unallocated spots will be assigned to Zones by the Provincial Advisor.
Maximum Athletes:
1 Head Coach and up to 8 Assistant Coach for the sport. Where both male and female athletes are attending the Games, there must be at least two coaches of the opposite gender, otherwise one must be the same gender as the athletes.
(the number of Officials the sport is permitted to register as participants)


Transportation, accommodation, and meals, as arranged by the Host Community, will be provided for  officials. See BC Games General Rules for more information.

Athlete Eligibility:

In addition to BC Games General Rules, the sport-specific eligibility requirements noted in this technical package are in effect for the 2014 BC Summer Games.

Para riders must be members in good standing of Horse Council BC and registered with BC Therapeutic Riding Association prior to selection deadline.

Competitors must be classified and compete in their Grade according to their functional classification. Competitors with in Profile 39 (learning disability) will be permitted to participate in the BC Summer Games and must complete and submit the INAS-FID Classification forms.

Competitors who have placed individually, or as a team, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in national or international competitions in 2013 or 2014 are not eligible to compete at the BC Summer Games.

Riders must submit two scores from a minimum of two qualifying competitions in all three classes. Riders may attend a qualifier in a zone they do not reside in, if enough qualifying competitions are not available in their zone.

Athletes may not attend more than two BC Games to compete in Equestrian - Para.
Coach Eligibility:

See BC Games General Rules for information about the roles of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach.

All Head Coaches must be fully certified at NCCP Level 2 or Competition Coach Specialist. All Assistant Coaches must either be NCCP Level 1 certified or be registered as "in training" with Horse Council BC in the new certification program. Each zone is required to have a Head Coach.

Athletes' primary coaches are encouraged to attend the Games and take part in the coaching development opportunities but they will not be accredited and attendance at the Games will be at their own expense.

Note that the role of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches at the BC Games includes travelling to and from the Host Community with your team/zone, residing with your team/zone in BC Games accommodation, and acting in a supervisory capacity throughout the Games.

Events and Categories:
Grade 1a – EC Test 1, EC Test 2, FEI PE Freestyle
Grade 1b – EC Test 1, EC Test 2, FEI PE Freestyle
Grade II – EC Test 1, EC Test 2, FEI PE Freestyle
Grade III – EC Test 1, EC Test 2, FEI PE Freestyle
Grade IV – EC Test 1, EC Test 2, FEI PE Freestyle

Each athlete must participate in 3 classes. Riders must submit at least two scores from competitions in all three events. All 2013 Equine Canada Bronze Tests to be used and FEI Freestyle tests. All tests ridden in 20m x 40m arena except Grade IV Tests to be ridden in 20m x 60m.

All events are open to male and female riders equally.

Stabling and Feed: Feed and hay for horses is the responsibility of the competitors. Stabling is provided free of charge by the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights only. Check out time is 11 am on Monday. Bedding is provided. Groom to be appointed by the rider and will stay on site with horses.

Tack and Attire: Competitors must have the appropriate tack and numbers on their horses at all times when outside of stall and/or ridden and must be in appropriate attire when on the show grounds and in stable areas. Properly worn and fitted ASTM/SE1 helmets must be worn by competitors whenever mounted, where called for in competition rules.
Zone Selections and Registration Deadline: 

BC Games Society requires all registration be completed using the BC Games Participant Online Registration process no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, June 16, 2014, unless an earlier date is set by the Provincial Sport Organization and is included in this technical package.  See BC Games General Rules for registration procedures.

Final results from the zone selections must be provide to the discipline chairs and the Assistant Provincial Advisor by June 6, 2014.

The Assistant Provincial Advisor will complete BC Games online registration process for all zone team athletes, coaches, and Officials no later than June 14, 2014. All other grooms, volunteers, or assistants must register online using the BC Games Society Online Volunteer Registration directly..
Accommodation and Transportation:

Also see BC Games General Rules for further details about accommodation and transportation.

Horse Council BC states that all participants must stay in BC Games accommodation, regardless of where they reside. The exception to this is any participant with a disability who may choose to reside outside BC Games accommodation. If they choose outside accommodation, they are responsible for any associated costs of that accommodation, and they also will not be eligible for BC Games transportation at the Games. Meals will be provided, as per the Bus & Meal Schedule for the sport.


The Minus-One Rule will be implemented for all sports. This means that when there are four or more competitors or teams, Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals will be awarded; when there are three competitors or teams, Silver and Gold medals will be awarded, and when there are two competitors or teams only a Gold medal will be awarded. For more details about BC Games medals, review the BC Games General Rules.

Medals will be awarded for each event, all Grades combined, within the parameters of the BC Games Society Minus-One Rule.

As a condition of entry into, or volunteering at, the BC Summer Games, it must be understood that the participants and volunteers enter entirely at their own risk, and will not hold the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society, their staff, agents, and volunteer workers responsible for injury, loss or damage occurring during the 2014 BC Summer Games.

Volunteers and Participants may be protected for their actions vis a vis third party claims through the liability insurance for the 2014 BC Summer Games but are not covered for any personal claims for injury or accident.  Participants and volunteers agree to release, discharge and undertake not to commence action against the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society from any and all claims and causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever for injuries, property damage, or death which in any way results from participating or volunteering in the Nanaimo  2014 BC Summer Games.

The Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society do not assume responsibility for loss of wages, or costs associated with medical, dental, or hospital care for athletes, coaches, officials, or volunteers for any injury or loss incurred during the, or as a result of participating or volunteering in the 2014 BC Summer Games.