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Technical Package for Rugby - Girls

Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games
July 17-20, 2014

Technical Packages provide details of the eligibility requirements as well as event and competition information.  In order to fully understand the rules and requirements for participation in the BC Games, it is expected that the BC Games General Rules will be read in addition to the sport-specific information contained in the Technical Package.
Technical Package for Rugby - Girls last updated: July 23, 2013.
Be sure to check back for updates.


May Bennett Park (Rugby and Football Fields)
Under 17
Age Description:
Athletes must be born in 1997 or 1998.
Zone Team Composition:
12 female competitors per zone. One team per zone.
No wildcards
Maximum Athletes:
1 Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches/trainers per zone (at least one of whom must be female). Each zone is required to have a Head Coach.
(the number of Officials the sport is permitted to register as participants)


Transportation, accommodation, and meals, as arranged by the Host Community, will be provided for  officials. See BC Games General Rules for more information.

Athlete Eligibility:

In addition to BC Games General Rules, the sport-specific eligibility requirements noted in this technical package are in effect for the 2014 BC Summer Games.

The BC Rugby Union does not recommend that players be encouraged to play out of their correct age group under any circumstances. However, exceptional players ONE BIRTH YEAR ONLY below the age band may play in the next higher age band team if:

- This BC Rugby Union policy statement has been made clear IN WRITING by the Coach to the player’s parents and doctor.
-Players MUST have a signed letter from EACH of the player’s parent, the player’s Coach, the player’s doctor.
- These letters must clearly state the author(s) fully understands the implications and risks of the player competing in the older age group, and that they each affirm that the player is physically, socially and mentally mature enough to play at that next higher Age Grade.
- Copies of the Coach’s letters to the doctor and parents, and the letters from the parents, doctor, and Coach, together with copies of the player’s registration form, birth certificate and high school picture ID must be filed with the BC Rugby Union prior to the athlete taking the field in an Age Grade game above his/her natural age band.

Participants must be registered with the BCRU and be members in good standing.

Athletes may only attend one BC Games to compete in Rugby.

Teams are Zone all-star teams.

Team composition to be determined by the Selection Committee. Identification camps will be held throughout the province starting in April 2014, with team selection finalized no later than early June 2014. Final team selection will be the responsibility of a Zone Selection Committee, chaired by the Zone Representative.

Seven-a-side Laws will apply.
Coach Eligibility:

See BC Games General Rules for information about the roles of the Head Coach and Assistant Coach.

All Head Coaches must be trained Introduction to Competition.

Note that the role of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches at the BC Games includes travelling to and from the Host Community with your team/zone, residing with your team/zone in BC Games accommodation, and acting in a supervisory capacity throughout the Games.

Events and Categories:
Tournament Draw to be determined by the BC Rugby Union. Competition will be seven-a-side. The minimum number of games played per team will depend on the total number of teams. If there are 8 teams, each will play a minimum of 7 games; if there are 6 or 7 teams, each will play a minimum of 6.

A regulation size field with post pads and sideline flags will be used.
Zone Selections and Registration Deadline: 

BC Games Society requires all registration be completed using the BC Games Participant Online Registration process no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, June 16, 2014, unless an earlier date is set by the Provincial Sport Organization and is included in this technical package.  See BC Games General Rules for registration procedures.

The BC Rugby Union states that all zone qualification trials must be held by June 9, 2014 and all online registration must be completed by 4:00 pm June 16, 2014..
Accommodation and Transportation:

Also see BC Games General Rules for further details about accommodation and transportation.

The BC Rugby Union states that all participants are required to stay in BC Games accommodation, regardless of where they reside.

The Minus-One Rule will be implemented for all sports. This means that when there are four or more competitors or teams, Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals will be awarded; when there are three competitors or teams, Silver and Gold medals will be awarded, and when there are two competitors or teams only a Gold medal will be awarded. For more details about BC Games medals, review the BC Games General Rules.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded within the parameters of the BC Games Society Minus-One Rule.

As a condition of entry into, or volunteering at, the BC Summer Games, it must be understood that the participants and volunteers enter entirely at their own risk, and will not hold the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society, their staff, agents, and volunteer workers responsible for injury, loss or damage occurring during the 2014 BC Summer Games.

Volunteers and Participants may be protected for their actions vis a vis third party claims through the liability insurance for the 2014 BC Summer Games but are not covered for any personal claims for injury or accident.  Participants and volunteers agree to release, discharge and undertake not to commence action against the Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society from any and all claims and causes of action, or liability of any kind whatsoever for injuries, property damage, or death which in any way results from participating or volunteering in the Nanaimo  2014 BC Summer Games.

The Nanaimo 2014 BC Summer Games Society, the Province of British Columbia, and the BC Games Society do not assume responsibility for loss of wages, or costs associated with medical, dental, or hospital care for athletes, coaches, officials, or volunteers for any injury or loss incurred during the, or as a result of participating or volunteering in the 2014 BC Summer Games.