VolWeb.ca™ was created by 2010 Legacies Now and the Province of BC as a legacy of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.  The goal of VolWeb was to encourage volunteerism and increase access to volunteer opportunities across Canada leading up to and beyond the Games. VolWeb.ca™ was launched in 2005 with the support of numerous other partners, including Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada.

In 2010, the management of VolWeb was transferred to the BC Games Society. The BC Games Society works in partnership with Volunteer BC to oversee the maintenance and operation of the VolWeb.ca site and database of volunteers and organizations, as well as on the long-term of the program.
VolWeb.ca currently has a database of more than 11,000 volunteers and 2,000 registered events and organizations. The website connects volunteers with local, short-term, event-based volunteer opportunities.  Click on the VolWeb logo above to go to the VolWeb site.