Guide to the Games

5 SECURITY All Games accommodation sites are security- controlled 24-hours per day for your protection. Anyone violating curfew will be subject to disciplinary action. Sport venues are staffed by security volunteers during all scheduled practice and competition times. While Security and other volunteers will be available to assist you, you are responsible for all of your belongings at sport venues and in Games accommodation. All Games participants under the age of 19 must stay in Games accommodation. You will stay with other participants in your sport at one of the public schools in Kamloops. Classrooms are used as dormitories and we’ve tried to put zones together. You’ll need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow - we’ll provide a BC Games foamie to serve as your bed. Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Adult Supervisors are expected to travel on Games transportation with their athletes, must stay in Games accommodation with their team, and are expected to supervise their team throughout the Games. Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Adult Supervisors are responsible for the actions of their athletes. Only participants assigned to a particular accommodation site are permitted access, and then ONLY to their assigned dorm room. Please respect the privacy of others and stay out of rooms not assigned to you. Friends, family, or athletes assigned to other accommodation sites will not be permitted into your accommodation site or dorm room. Curfew is 11:00 pm for all participants, including adults. No one is allowed to leave Games accommodation after curfew, and anyone who misses curfew will be subject to disciplinary action. LEAVING GAMES ACCOMMODATION If you are staying in BC Games accommodation, it is expected that you will remain in accommodation for the duration of the Games. Anyone who removes themselves from BC Games accommodation prior to the completion of the Games will no longer be eligible to compete, have meals, or take Games transportation. Participants who finish competition prior to the final day of the Games may remove themselves from BC Games accommodation by having their Provincial Advisor sign the required form. ACCESS TO ACCOMMODATION